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Training & Exercise

Training & Exercise

Whether you’re looking to lose pounds, tone up or gain muscle, making whole body vibration a part of your fitness program can help you achieve many of your goals!

From simple warm-up exercises to advanced techniques, there are a wide range of training methods you can use with our whole body vibration machines, depending on your fitness level and overall objective.

Vibration machines allow cells to activate and cause muscle contractions, helping you build and tone muscle mass without high impact movements. You can add standard exercises and stretches (such as dumbbell lifts and light yoga) to your vibration training to burn additional calories, increase muscle gains and improve fat loss.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to build your muscle base in order to attain extra strength throughout your body, you can combine such exercises as lifting dumbbells on our machine and even yoga! Most people think of yoga as just a toning mechanism, but when used in conjunction with our vibration machine, you can actually start to muscle up significantly.

We have brought together information about training exercises and stretches that can benefit your whole body vibration routine, as well as basic information about how vibration training affects the body. You can read a summary of the information below and follow the links to learn more.

If you’re new to the concept of whole body vibration and the benefits it can provide your body, you can start by checking out our complete overview of everything you need to know regarding vibration training. This section includes how it vibration training works and gives an overview of what you can do with your vibration machine.

Whole body vibration can be used to start an entirely new fitness program or added to an existing regimen. This article will give you an overview of the fundamental terminology and fitness basics you’ll be using during your vibration training.

Getting properly warmed up before beginning any kind of exercise is vital; warm-up exercises help you avoid injury while training. Before getting started on your whole body vibration training, read over our article on vibration training specific warm-up exercises.

Whole body vibration isn’t just for the experienced fitness fanatic. It’s a great tool for the beginner and for those coming back from injury or illness. Our vibration machine beginner exercises will help you learn exactly where to start your new regimen.

If you’ve mastered the beginner exercises or you have a background in fitness, we have put together a set of amazing intermediate workouts. From squats to leg circles and lunges, these movements will let you challenge yourself effectively and get the most from your program.

Have you mastered the intermediate exercises? Are you looking to add some more challenge to your workouts? We have put together a collection of great advanced exercises for you to enjoy on your new whole body vibration machine. These movements combine weightlifting and yoga with your vibration training to maximize return every time you step up to the plate.

In addition to improving overall strength and toning, doing a selection of deep stretches while using a whole body vibration machine can help increase flexibility and mobility. The design of our machines helps make these stretches easy to accomplish for everyone from beginners to experts.