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Vibration Training Overview

Whole body vibration is used for a number of purposes, but the most common one is vibration training. It is utilized in gyms, team training facilities and homes around the world because of its many instant and long-term benefits, as well as its simple operation and installation. The benefits for these machines are boundless, ranging from weight loss and body fat reduction to muscle toning and strengthening. There are a number of body parts and fitness goals that can be targeted using whole body vibration. In the links above, we’ve put together some of the best warm-ups, exercises and other activities that can be done on your machine.

Safety Precautions

Do not use this vibration machine without consulting with your physician, especially if you are under any medical treatment or suffer from any ailments. Do not use while pregnant or if you may become pregnant. Each individual is unique, so regardless of your fitness or health level, you should contact and meet with a physician to ensure this machine is safe for you to use.

Mechanism of Action for WBV for Training & Muscular Development

While the system may look complicated, the way in which vibration machines and muscle activation are related is very simple. Vibration platforms provide the body with an input force, which in turn resonates and spreads throughout the body’s soft and muscular tissue. Once this stimulus reaches the nerves and innervations, the muscle begins contracting continuously, both lengthening and shortening the fibers consecutively. After a few minutes, you will feel an intense burn in whatever body part you are working, which is determined by the position held, intensity, and duration of the exercise. With time, this response will lead to significant training results and muscular development.

Cellulite Reduction With WBV

Have you tried everything to get rid of your cellulite? Look no further, because whole body vibration is a perfect solution!

Cellulite is a condition in which fat deposits collect underneath the connective tissue of the skin. It appears dimpled or lumped, and is found most commonly on the thighs and buttocks. Some of the hypothesized causes of cellulite include hormonal factors, weight, and body composition—all of which research has shown to be improved by WBV training. In addition, one of the main methods for reducing cellulite is therapy that involves massage stimulation to lymphatic flow. Several research studies show that whole body vibration machines improve overall body circulation: the main function of the lymphatic system. Combined with a healthy diet, vibration training can improve your circulation, body composition, and help you finally win your battle against the lumps and bumps of cellulite.

Muscle Toning With WBV

Millions of people want to have strong, toned muscles but find that it is too difficult or time consuming to complete conventional exercises. Standard fitness activities can also bring extra challenges for those that are obese or have physical limitations such as brittle joints. Whole body vibration offers a fitness alternative for those who struggle to complete regular exercises.

The whole body vibration machine allows you to activate the cells that cause muscle contraction without high-impact activities, saving your joints while still helping you build vital bone density and support muscles. This is accomplished by providing resistance training—the same training you would get from traditional weights and exercise equipment. A number of studies clearly show this link, demonstrating that WBV training increases bone density and skeletal support. In addition to aiding support muscles, studies have shown vibration training can give significant improvements in dynamic strength and tone in comparison to gym equipment.

Muscle Strengthening with WBV

Muscle strength represents another aspect of fitness that most seek to attain, but few realize. Total strength and stamina is increased by continuously increasing and decreasing muscle tissue length. After vigorous exercise is completed the body recruits more muscle fibers in the focused area. Similar to traditional toning exercises, the workouts traditionally used for strength training present a multitude of obstacles for those who are working around joint, weight or injury issues. This is where whole body vibration shines: vibration machines have been developed to give clinically proven improvement in muscle strength and maximal power.

Modern whole body vibration machines allow the user to vibrate constantly, stimulating the endocrine system. The endocrine system produces and maintains the body’s hormones, which means it has final control over muscle growth and strength. For example, the protein myostatin (naturally present in varying amounts in the human body) limits muscle development but can be kept in check by the endocrine system if it is working properly. Whole body vibration’s positive effect on endocrine function helps control proteins such as myostatin, giving better muscular development and better overall health.