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Vibration Therapy Overview

Whole body vibration has become popular as a fitness system over the last couple of years, but it excels as a therapeutic treatment. Advancement in vibration technology has made the system even more effective for both physical therapy and overall fitness.

How WBV is Utilized for Therapy

Whole body vibration is used for a variety of therapeutic uses. The different motions of the vibration plates allow WBV to serve a number of treatment methods. It allows the user to shorten and lengthen their muscles rapidly, which increases muscle fiber strength with requiring high impact exercise. It also stimulates skeletal and neurological cells, allowing them to build new bone structures and respond to trauma sites at a faster rate. Because of the fundamental responses initiated by WBV, these machines have been used to treat patients for symptoms of physical therapy, disease mitigation, and general wellness.

Short & Long Term Effects

There are a broad spectrum of responses the body receives from whole body vibration. Vibration therapy is notable because it gives both short and long term feedback.

Short Term Effects

The mechanics of the vibration platform allow the user to burn a considerable number of calories and improve circulation immediately. WBV also provides people with a means of conditioning that is easier on the joints, which is beneficial for those with injuries or weak bone structure. Other short term effects of vibration therapy include weight loss, pain relief (including lower back and joint pain), and improved cholesterol management.

LongTerm Effects

Long term effects of vibration therapy are primarily provided by increased circulation. By increasing the body’s ability to distribute blood, nutrients, and essential vitamins, WBV activates several important cellular responses across the body. With sufficient nourishment, macrophages and phagocytes - cells of the immune system - are able to respond more quickly, enhancing the immune system. Increased circulation also signals the production of nerve cells, helping those suffering from neurological conditions such as headaches, migraines, and more serious central nervous system conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

Typical Therapy Based Plans

A typical therapy-based workout can last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, with a maximum recommended length of 30 minutes. Early therapy sessions are completed at frequencies of 1-29 Hz, increasing to oscillations above 29 Hz as the therapy progresses. The frequency of therapy sessions utilizing the vibration machines varies, generally beginning with one 10 minute workout per day and increasing in time and frequency as needed. Be sure to discuss your therapeutic plans and goals with your doctor prior to beginning a new routine.