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Whole Body Vibration & Mood

Whole Body Vibration Improves Mood

There is plenty of scientific evidence out there proving the benefits associated with whole body vibration (WBV). Whole body vibration can help alleviate back pain, speed up the recovery of muscle and joint injuries, and even enhance weight loss.

But did you know that there is scientific evidence which suggests WBV could also improve your mood? There are several published studies showing that WBV training can increase the levels of feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain. Learn more about these breakthroughs in this article.

Mark Verstegen's Whole Body Vibration Approach

Mark Verstegen

These days, hearing celebrity testimonials for one fitness craze or another is such a common occurrence that it’s easy to dismiss most claims. However, when a well-known fitness expert like Mark Verstegen comes out in support of whole body vibration (WBV for short), it’s hard to ignore.

For those who don’t know, Mark Verstegen is a well-respected pillar of the athletic community. He’s a pioneer in the field of integrated performance training. He owns his own performance enhancement company, EXOS, which delivers these enhanced training techniques to over 500 different performance centers in several states. EXOS also provides athletic training services for the NFL, the US Military, and other top-tier organizations which require elite physical conditioning from their athletes. Currently, Mark Verstegen is the active Director of Performance for the NFL Players Association, with a particular focus on player health and safety. As if this weren’t enough, he’s published a grand total of six books on the subjects of health and fitness over the last decade...

Using Music As Medicine

Music can do more than distract you from work; what you listen to can have an impact on your health! In today's blog, Christine explores the science behind the music and shows you how music can improve your mood.

Maximizing Results: Sleep

Over 70% of Americans are sleep-deprived - are you one of them? Sleep is essential to your physical and mental well-being, and not getting enough can cause more damage than coffee can fix. This article (by our newest blogger, Christine Medeiros) shows you the importance of sleep and how you can get the most from your sleep.

Maximizing Results: Nutrition

If you are new to a healthy lifestyle you probably already know that figuring out what to eat can be tough. The research is changing constantly and there are thousands of sources to choose from. We've assembled the best tips that you can use right now to feel better faster.

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